And still the anti-smoking bandwagon lumbers on - into deeper and deeper water. Some scientific journals are now refusing to accept any publications funded by the tobacco industry despite a peer review process designed to filter out bad science. What are they afraid of? Is their "overwhelming" evidence not sufficiently robust to cope with a little scrutiny?

The sheer arrogance of the above journal's editor in advocating such censorship demonstrates the power now wielded by the anti-smoking lobby. The Editor exudes self-righteousness in openly admitting that complete smoking prohibition is her objective, and that she will use her position to promote it. The actions of such biased people reflect the contempt felt for smokers and all those who oppose their own lifestyle views, including contempt for the scientific process.

Have we seen the demise of scientific impartiality, surely the cornerstone of the scientific thesis?

The fact that people with such prejudice and intolerance can have been appointed to responsible scientific office, and feel able to so openly advocate the virtues of censorship, can only demonstrate how deep this authoritarian culture has seeped into the establishment.

And, of course, emboldened by their easy victory with second hand smoke, they now begin the fantasy venture into third hand smoke. Their organisations lose all credibility, even with the most trusting and gullible.

The anti-smoking industry seems to be riding on a wave which has gone to its head. They seem to think that their control of the media, politicians and scientific community has been so easy that nothing they do can be questioned - is this leading to inevitable disaster where their

"...... Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself, And falls on th'other. . . ."

will bring about their eventual downfall?

The time has come for such people to be exposed and records kept and publicised of their most outrageous statements ready for the day of reckoning!

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