The case against the anti-smoking lobby and medical establishment made by others is that, in a strenuous and increasingly desperate attempt to confirm the dangers of second hand smoke, they "manipulated" the data, changed the normal statistical rules employed, ignored some studies that showed a protective effect and eventually contrived to come up with a harmful effect, but only at the 20%-30% level of increased risk (RR= 1.2 - 1.3), well below the normal threshold for credibility of 200% to 300% as required elsewhere.

Despite compromising the scientific establishment's reputation, the financial and political power of the medical establishments and the anti-smoking lobby, amply funded by large pharmaceutical companies, fought off any objections to their approach and pressurised most into silence.

Then, having finally achieved their desired result they set about publicising this as "overwhelming evidence" and embedding the supposed dangers of second hand smoke into the public perception. This required a "no holds barred" approach, riding roughshod over the standards of scientific integrity employed by most scientists.

It also set out to vilify all smokers, promote conflict, and set one part of society against another. How successful this policy has been can be seen by the many truly vitriolic and hateful comments against smokers in discussion/comment columns, all designed to inflame opinion and de-normalise smokers. The anti-smoking industry has succeeded in polarising society and giving legitimacy to virulent smoker-haters.

This article back in 2005 epitomises the criticism of the American Lung Association's approach to interpretation of passive smoking statistics and demonstrates the depth of feelings provoked by the way the anti-smoking lobby have contrived to prevent smoking in premises open to the public. It says
" The supposed high toxicity of Secondhand smoke will someday become known as the biggest fraud to ever be forced on the American public."

Smokers in general don't want to impose their smoke on others, and over the last couple of decades have become more considerate of those who don't like the smell of tobacco smoke.

As tobacco is a legal product, all smokers want to do is to be left alone to enjoy their social smoking in warm and comfortable environments well away from smoker-haters. (Read these comments to see how smokers' lives have been devastated.)

Separate properly ventilated rooms or premises will allow this without any impact on those who don't like the smell of tobacco smoke.

The callous disregard the anti-smoking lobby has for the real facts and scientific debate is very rationally exposed in Snowdon's book Velvet Glove-Iron Fist, A History of Anti-Smoking by C. Snowdon, 2009
You must read this book if you want to understand how the anti-smoking movement has developed over the last 100 years, and the political methods behind the current anti-smoking lobby's success.
Prepare to be surprised by the way the anti-smoking lobby have swept aside all fair-minded argument and bullied all official opposition into silence.
It is an eye-opener on the ways modern political bureaucracy, businesses, the press and financial power manipulate public opinion for their own ends.

Those interested in arriving at a fair appreciation of the available data should peruse the internet and the scientific papers, and make up their minds for themselves.
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